Why our a-HA Mints are a Big Deal (and when to use them)
Why our a-HA Mints are a Big Deal (and when to use them)
John Estrada
I think our mints are a game changer! Great things really do come in small packages—not only are you able to take our mints with you everywhere, but they contain the same hydroxyapatite and xylitol as in our toothpaste, so they are like brushing without the brush!
They’re the perfect minty refreshment when you don’t have your toothbrush. Just pop one in to keep your breath fresh and remineralize your enamel. Yeah, we know it’s awkward to brush or floss in public and that’s why most of us don’t do it! But mints are cool!
Here are a few foods that leave your enamel in need of a boost:
– Your morning cup of coffee
– Fruit juice – some acids in fruit juice can be more corrosive than battery acid!
– Citrus fruits
– Sugary soft drinks
– Bread (particularly white bread) and high starch meals
– Sour or sweet foods, particularly sticky candies
– Dried fruits
– Potato chips or french fries
– Your glass of wine (or two) at dinner
As with all of our products these days, supplies are limited, so order now to be the first to try RiseWell’s a-HA Mints!
Here’s Dr. Derek to explain more:

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