The Many Benefits of Alcohol-Free Mouthwash The Many Benefits of Alcohol-Free Mouthwash

The Many Benefits of Alcohol-Free Mouthwash

Derek Gatta

How would you describe the sensation of mouthwash? Bitter? Tear-inducing? Burning? Mouth drying? All unpleasant characteristics, and yet these are all common traits of alcohol-based mouthwashes, which are the usual commercial varieties that you see on store shelves. 

Mouthwash is an essential part of a healthy oral care routine. In addition to preventing bad breath (an immediate benefit), it can help reduce plaque buildup and remove loose particles from the nooks and crannies of your mouth after brushing and flossing. But there must be something better than the burning alcohol-based mouthwashes on the market, right?

Yes, absolutely. There are science-backed alcohol-free mouthwashes that improve your oral health, without the negative effects of alcohol-based washes.  Who benefits from an alcohol-free mouthwash? Well, everyone, but especially if any of these situations apply to you:

  1. You recently had surgery in your mouth.
  2. You have a history with alcohol abuse.
  3. You have had radiation therapy.
  4. You are a xerostomia patient—aka, you experience dry mouth.
  5. You are a parent who wants to find an alcohol-free mouthwash for your kids.
  6. You want to avoid alcoholic mouthwashes for any reason at all.

Here at RiseWell, we created a pH-balancing alcohol-free mouthwash that tastes great (really!) and uses essential oils with anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal properties. It also contains xylitol, which helps combat cavities. Xylitol is technically a “sugar alcohol,” but it does not actually contain any alcohol—nor is it a sugar! Xylitol is a carbohydrate found naturally in many fruits and vegetables, and it inhibits bad bacteria growth. 

How does our mouthwash help balance the pH of your mouth? By increasing the pH level and getting your mouth out of the acidic range, which is where cavities occur. Acidic foods include soft drinks, candy, and many pre-packaged processed foods, which you should be avoiding in a healthy diet anyway. Instead of simply wiping out the bad bacteria in your mouth, our alkalizing mouthwash balances the entire ecosystem inside your mouth, so that your gums and teeth are healthy for the long-term. Oral care is a holistic routine that affects your entire body, which is why it is important that you eat well and do more than brush twice a day.  

The RiseWell Alkalizing Mouthwash is a great, low-maintenance addition to your daily oral health routine. All you have to do is rinse and gargle—one simple step that makes a huge difference in your health.

About Dr. Derek

He is not only Co-Founder of RiseWell. Dr. Derek Gatta is a partner at Dr Max & Dr Gatta PLLC in Boca Raton, Florida. If you are in the area, he is your go-to dentist!

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