New Year, Healthier You New Year, Healthier You

New Year, Healthier You

John Estrada

A new year is upon us, and with that, many people are making new resolutions and setting new goals. Often, these are New Year’s health resolutions— which is amazing!

New Year’s Health Resolutions to Support Your Whole Health

Many of us often set new intentions around what they are eating, and I think that when approached with a healthy mindset — that can be amazing and life-giving! Eating nourishing, real foods can have a big impact on our whole health — physical and mental.

Something to consider, besides what food we put in our bodies, is also what we put ON and IN our bodies from a product perspective. The cosmetics and hygiene products can either support our health… or damage it. Many products in the beauty, hair, and oral health industry have ingredients in them that can be toxic to our health. Many of them are labeled carcinogens and can even impact our delicate gut lining, which then impacts our gut health and hence overall health. 

For example, since 2009, 595 cosmetic manufacturers have reported using 88 chemicals in more than 73,000 products that have been linked to cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm. Another example could be found in many oral care products, such as toothpaste. Many toothpaste options contain fluoride, which is linked to cancer, kidney disease hypothyroidism, and other chronic diseases. Fluoride is found in public water, dental products, and even Teflon pans.

We could go on and on with examples, but something to keep in mind as you set intentions for the coming year — would be to swap out products for ones that support health and lower your cumulative toxic burden! This can be done by swapping out home cleaning products, beauty products, and of course dental products, like toothpaste — for safer products that support your whole health. And remember: baby steps are okay! It can feel overwhelming to swap out everything at once.

Take steps over time, and your body will thank you! There are many things we can’t control in today’s world, but there are many that we can! How empowering that we can take steps in living a whole healthy life — today and every day. Cheers to a new year!

About Meg

Meg Kilcup is a Doctor of Pharmacy and Integrative Health Practitioner. She is passionate about empowering people to create their whole healthy life every single day! Meg believes that we can create vitality and health through being intentional with nourishing foods, minimizing our toxic burden, and maximizing time with community and in creation! Meg is a pharmacist by training but has found her passion for empowering people to use a preventative lifestyle – to truly create whole physical, mental and spiritual health. Join and learn from Meg over at or her Instagram at @awholehealthlife

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