Introducing Kids PRO Mineral Toothpaste! Introducing Kids PRO Mineral Toothpaste!

Introducing Kids PRO Mineral Toothpaste!

Derek Gatta

For the Kids! RiseWell PRO Kids Mineral Toothpaste Now Available

Hey everyone, Dr. Derek Gatta here. Do your children have great oral hygiene, but still end up with cavities and decay at their dentist visits? If so, we have a great new product for them!

You can find RiseWell’s new PRO Mineral Toothpaste for kids here in the Cake Batter flavor kids love (yum!) with superior remineralization and sensitivity properties.

With the highest hydroxyapatite concentration of any product on the market, our toothpaste acts like a magic shield around your child's teeth to better fight cavities as they grow. It’s fluoride and paraben-free, with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives - only 100% clean and safe ingredients. It also features a superior ability to prevent tooth decay and plaque buildup, provides enhanced whitening power, and delivers healthy oral care with PRO level results for your kids!

RiseWell PRO for kids is the only toothpaste on the market that is 100% safe to eat, so there’s no need to stress or worry when your little ones are learning how to brush! How is that so, you ask? Because it's made with hydroxyapatite (HA), which remineralizes teeth without causing any harm if it’s accidentally swallowed. We promise kids will love the yummy flavor, and parents will love the PRO level results! 

Please be sure to follow us on Instagram @risewellco and TikTok @risewell, and stay tuned for our final surprise announcement coming very soon!

About Dr. Derek

He is not only Co-Founder of RiseWell, but Dr. Derek Gatta is also a partner at Dr. Max & Dr. Gatta PLLC in Boca Raton, Florida. If you are in the area, he is your go-to dentist!

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