Hydroxyapatite: Toothpaste That Is Out of This World Hydroxyapatite: Toothpaste That Is Out of This World

Hydroxyapatite: Toothpaste That Is Out of This World

John Estrada

Our teeth are strong, but they’re one of the only parts of the body that cannot repair themselves.

Unlike the rest of the tooth, the outer tooth layer—you know this as enamel—is not made of cells and therefore has no blood supply to help replenish and heal. That’s why you need something else to aid this important function. And yet, traditional toothpaste technology remained the same for decades, until NASA started researching hydroxyapatite (HA) in the 1970s. 

HA is a naturally-occurring mineral, derived from calcium and phosphate ions and composing about 70% of your bones and teeth. It is

  • non-inflammatory
  • strongly bonded to bones and teeth
  • able to seal small holes and depressions in weakened enamel by driving calcium from HA into the cavity site

Hydroxyapatite is not science fiction—NASA was looking to find a way to replenish minerals lost in astronauts’ teeth from deteriorating in a zero-gravity environment. But HA did not catch on with the public until a Japanese firm bought the rights to NASA’s development and started putting it in Asian toothpastes. Until now, only select parts of the world have been able to benefit from hydroxyapatite’s unprecedented reparative and regenerative qualities. 

Instead of being reactive to dental disease, we can proactively fight back with hydroxyapatite toothpaste. Give your teeth what they need—naturally.

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