Beware Of False Claims About Glycerin In Toothpaste! Beware Of False Claims About Glycerin In Toothpaste!

Beware Of False Claims About Glycerin In Toothpaste!

John Estrada
Co-Founder & CEO of RiseWell

Beware Of False Claims! 

The Truth About Glycerin, Hydroxyapatite and Tooth Remineralization 


Recently we have been surprised to see false claims that glycerin prevents hydroxyapatite from adhering to the teeth. While the internet has always been a crazy place, when it starts to invent science it becomes a dangerous place.  At RiseWell we promise we will always go where the science goes, so where does the science go on glycerin and hydroxyapatite?

Let's start with what glycerin is.  Glycerin is a naturally derived liquid that is widely used for decades as a moisturizer in toothpastes containing hydroxyapatite or fluoride. Over these many decades, these toothpastes have been studied repeatedly, and no evidence has been found to support any claim that glycerin hinders the positive effects of the toothpastes. 

In fact, numerous studies have shown that toothpastes containing glycerin with hydroxyapatite are effective at remineralizing teeth and preventing cavities. Here are a few:

This study compares a toothpaste containing micro hydroxyapatite and glycerin to traditional fluoride toothpastes.  Their conclusion? “toothpastes containing n-HAp revealed higher remineralizing effects compared to amine fluoride toothpastes with bovine dentine, and comparable trends were obtained for enamel.”

Another study Also compared a toothpaste containing micro hydroxyapatite and glycerin to many fluoride toothpastes, and concluded “The use of nanostructured micro-particles in Biomimetic Hydroxyapatite toothpastes has proven a high potential of remineralization of the enamel of deciduous teeth.

At the risk of being repetitive, this study and this study are two other clinical examples of toothpastes with hydroxyapatite and glycerin which show them to be highly effective. 

And there are hundreds more..

The Single Study that we have seen circulating around claiming that glycerin has negative effects on hydroxyapatite toothpastes has two significant problems.  First and foremost, it doesn’t even contain hydroxyapatite in the study!  How this can be cited as support for the argument that “glycerin has a negative effect in hydroxyapatite toothpastes” is beyond me when it doesn’t even contain hydroxyapatite.  Second, it is an extreme outlier from all other studies and has a very small sample size.  

Additionally, we are not alone in our findings.  In a recent blog written by Dr. Mark Burhenne, DDS, a leading expert on oral health and on the mouth body connection, he concludes that “in my extensive research, I have never found a study that supports that glycerin impedes remineralization.

So, where do these claims about glycerin come from? We are as confused as you probably are, but this is why it is important to listen to the overwhelming data in the world of scientific research and not listen to the extreme or crazy corners of the internet.

The glycerin in RiseWell toothpaste does not interfere with the remineralization process.  As a company we fully stand behind every ingredient we put in our products.  Once again, beware of false claims.  The internet is a crazy place.

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